OTTO JUNKER Coilmaking at record levels

In the year 2016, construction started on two new shop buildings for our revamped coilmaking operation.

The rationale for this investment was to establish a coil production unit that reflected the technological workflow, relying on the use of cutting-edge processes and equipment. Our aim was to cut turnaround times, to further expand our quality assurance, and to centralize all coil and yoke manufacturing activities in one place.

By now, this project has borne impressive fruit. Following its completion in mid-2017, coil production has gone up significantly and projections for this year look favourable as well. With above-average output during the first two months, it is evident already that our coilmaking has gotten off to a good start.

Apart from the manufacture of new coils of varying designs and sizes, repairs of coils for coreless induction furnaces (all the way to high-power coils) and coils for inductors and billet heaters are important activities. The building has an indoor clearance height of 15 m, allowing even very large coils to be built here.

Visit us and see for yourself -  you will be amazed!

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